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Klarna Payments for Magento 2.x

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The Klarna Payments method Magento Commerce 2.x.


Community Edition 2.0 - 2.2.5


You need a Klarna  subscription.

How It Works

The option to pay after delivery makes buying quicker and easier for customers. With Klarna’s Pay Later, shoppers do not need to fill out lengthy personal details or enter card numbers at the online point of sale. The transaction can be completed with only name, email and address.

Customers love it, as they can buy and pay at their convenience, settling their bill directly with Klarna in 14 or 30 days (depending on store requirements) by card – with no interest to pay or additional fees for the service.


  • Pay now: supports card payments and other APMs for customers who want to pay for a purchase immediately
  • Pay later: deferred payments for customers who like frictionless purchases and to try before they buy.