WorldPay Business Gateway Manual for Magento Commerce

WorldPay backoffice configuration

Login to your WorldPay account and go to INSTALLATIONS. Select your installation (whether test or production). Make sure to configure the following options:

  • Payment Response URL: <wpdisplay item="MC_callback"> 
  • Payment Response enabled: Enable
  • Enable the Shopper Response: Enable

(The Payment Response URL is a small piece of code.)


Enter a MD5 password, and enable this feature in Magento

Enter a Payment Response password, also in Magento

The string of fields that will generate the signature value looks like this by default:


You may need to copy this back into WorldPay if it has changed.

Magento Configuration    

Go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods > WorldPay 

  • Enable and configure the payment method. 
  • Follow instructions in the Magento configuration to finalize the module.