MasterCard internet Gateway Service (MiGS) Manual for Magento Commerce

This is the installation and configuration manual regarding the MasterCard internet Gateway Services extension for Magento Commerce, and supports the 3-Party Hosted Server Payments and the 2-Party Merchant Server Payments for many different banks. The MiGS payment method supports all banks that use its system, among others: ANZ eGate, CommWeb (Commonwealth Bank), Bendigo Bank, Suncorp Virtual POS, Bank of Mauritius, and many others. 

Configuration - Merchant ID and AccessCode

FInd your MiGS Merchant ID and AccessCode. The MiGS backend is fairly simple. The bank you have signed up with will provide you with a Merchant ID and an AccessCode. Keep this within reach when you are configuring the Magento configuration next.

Configuration - Magento Commerce

MiGS has to variants. Hosted Server and Merchant Server.

Payment Method: MiGS Merchant Server (2-Party Payments)

This method requires an SSL certificate to be installed on your server (for https://) and this method does not support 3D Secure. If this is your payment method of choice, go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods > MiGS Merchant Server (2-Party Payments)

2 Party MiGS VPC

  • Set the Capture Payment to Yes if you want to capture payments immediately.
  • Optionally configure the Gateway URL for 2-Party payments. This URL always ends in /vpcdps
  • Enter youer MerchantID which your bank provided.
  • Enter your AccessCode which your ank provided.
  • Choose to Show CSC, which is the Card Security Number, CVN or CVV2. Hint: this may depend on your subscription and you cannot always use it.
  • Choose to enable the Address Verification Service (AVS) if you want to verify addresses.
  • Enter a custom Ticket Number if you want to filter by payments from this specific Magento store. For example 'MagentoLamps1'.

Payment Method: MiGS Hosted Server (3-Party Payments)

This method supports 3D Secure and you do not need https:// on your server. You can enable this method via System > Configuration > Payment Methods > MiGS Hosted Server (3-Party Payments)

3 Party VPC MiGS

  • Choose Capture Payment. Set to Yes if you want to capture payments immediately.
  • Configure your Gateway URL for 3-Party payments. This URL always ends in /vpcpay
  • Enter your MerchantID given to you by your bank
  • Enter your AccessCode provided by your bank
  • Enter your SecureSecret provided by your bank
  • Set Collect Credit Card Details to the appropriate leve. Hint: this feature depends on your bank subscription. You may not be able to use this. When in doubt, set to No Card Details
  • Enable or disable Use 3D Secure
  • Select or deselct Allowed Cards to choose, depending on what cards you subscription actually supports.
  • Enable Address Verification Service (AVS) for fraud detection based on address
  • Enter a custom Ticket Number if you want to filter by payments from this specific Magento store. For example 'MagentoLamps2'.