ING PSP Manual for Magento Commerce


  1. Go to your Magento® admin portal, to ‘Stores’ > ‘Configuration’ > ‘Sales’ > ‘Payment Methods’ and select ‘ING PSP’.

  2. Select ‘General’.

    • Set ‘Enabled’ to ‘Yes’
    • Select your ING PSP product in the Product field: Kassa Compleet, ING Checkout or ING ePay.
    • Enter the API key of your webshop. You can look up the API key in the merchant portal. In the portal go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Webshops’ and select the relevant webshop. The detail screen contains the API Key.
    • Save your configuration
  3. Configure each payment method you would like to offer in your webshop.
    Enable only those payment methods that you applied for and for which you have received a confirmation from us.
    For every payment method you would like to offer, click on the payment method and set ‘Enabled’ to ‘Yes’ and configure the settings.

  4. Klarna specific configuration
    For the payment method Klarna there are several specific settings:

    • Test modus
      Select Yes if you want to use Klarna in test mode, for instance during your test phase with Klarna. If you are using Klarna in production mode select No.

    • Test API Key
      Copy the API key of your Klarna test webshop in the Test API key field.
      When your Klarna application was approved an extra test webshop was created for you to use in your test with Klarna. The name of this webshop starts with ‘TEST Klarna’.

    • Test IP
      You can choose to offer Klarna only to a limited set of whitelisted IP addresses. You can use this for instance when you are in the testing phase and want to make sure that Klarna is not available yet for your customers.
      To do this enter the IP addresses that you want to whitelist, separated by a comma (“,”). The payment method Klarna will only be presented to customers who use a whitelisted IP address.
      If you want to offer Klarna to all your customers, you can leave the field empty.