DIBS Online Payment Services Manual for Magento Commerce

This is the installation and configuration manual regarding the DIBS Online Payment Services extension for Magento Commerce 1.x/2.x. This manual supports DIBS Payment Windows (PayWin), DIBS Flexwin and the DIBS Integration API (which requires PCI certification).

Order the Extension

System Requirements

  • Support for SSL (mod_ssl, php_openssl)
  • DIBS Flexwin and API Integration
    • PHP Curl
  • DIBS Payment Window
    • SOAP Endpoint lives on SSL3
    • PHP openSSL 1.x (for SSL3 support)
    • PHP Soap

Configuration - DIBS Administration

Login to the admin

DIBS offers a single administration interface where you can manage each payment method (Payment Window, Flexwin and API).

  • Administration - https://payment.architrade.com/login/login.action

Enter the Shop IP Address

IP number

Go to Integration > Shop IP and enter the server's IP address. If you want to find out what your server IP address is, you can use a 'ping command'.

DIBS Payment Window - HMAC Key

If you want to use the Payment Window method, then you need to enable the HMAC key. In the DIBS administration go to Integration > HMAC Key and check the box 'Perform HMAC checksum control'. Copy the single 'K' key which you need to paste into Magento later.


DIBS Flexwin - MD5 Keys

DIBS admin MD5

Go to Integration > MD5 Keys. Make a note of the two MD5 keys, because you need to enter them in the Magento configuration later.

DIBS API Integration

If you wish to use the API Integration method, then you must create an API user. Go to Setup > User Setup and select the tab 'API users'.


Click 'Create new login' and walk through the steps. Remember the Login and the password. You need to enter this information in Magento later.

Configuration - Magento Commerce

First configure the global payment services. Go to System > Configuration > Payment Services > Appmerce DIBS Settings

Appmerce DIBS Payment Services

Payment Services

  • Enter the Merchant Number. This is the login code you use to login to the DIBS admin. It was sent to you in the first email by DIBS.
  • Enter an optional Account Number.
  • Choose to use the MD5 Keys. This is highly recommend, but make sure to also enable this feature in the DIBS administration. Paste the two MD5 keys in MD5 Key 1 and MD5 Key 2.
  • Enable the Test Mode for testing.
  • You can enable Add Fee to add the DIBS cost to the customer transaction.

Payment Method: DIBS Payment Window

You can enable this method via System > Configuration > Payment Methods > DIBS Payment Window.

Payment Window

  • Make sure to paste the HMAC Key and select your Allowed Payment Types (this depends on your DIBS suscription).
  • Set the desired order statuses. You can add your own statuses through System > Order Statuses.

Payment Method: DIBS Flexwin

You can enable this method via System > Configuration > Payment Methods > DIBS Flexwin.


  • Enable Unique Order ID if you want to block duplicate payment requests.
  • You can enable Complex Order Information if you want to submit the line items (all products titles, SKU, price etc.) to DIBS.
  • The Decorator option is a theme option for styling the payment form.

Capture and Refund

All three payment methods support a capture and refund workflow.

  • Capture payments by creating the invoice in Magento. Go to Sales > Orders and select an order. Click 'Invoice' and choose 'Capture Online'. This will attempt to capture the payment through DIBS.
  • Refund payments by going to Sales > Invoices (not Orders). Select an invoice you wish to refund. Click 'Credit Memo' and select 'Refund Online'. This will attempt to refund the payment through DIBS.