Buckaroo - BPS 3.0 Manual for Magento Commerce

This is the installation and configuration manual regarding the Buckaroo Online Payment Services extension for Magento Commerce 1.x/2.x.

Order the Extension

    Configuration - Buckaroo Payment Plaza

    Login to the Buackroo payment plaza

    Buckaroo offers a single administration interface where you can manage your websites, certificates and signature keys.

    • Payment Plaza - https://plaza.buckaroo.nl/

    Create and configure a website

    Go to Profile > Websites and create a website. See the screenshots below how to configure the website.

    Websites Configuration

    • Remember the Key; this is the Website Key you will enter in Magento later
    • Enter a Name (Naam koppeling), for example 'My Website'
    • Enter the URL (URL koppeling), for example 'www.mywebsite.com'. This must match the domain name of your store
    • Please leave the other URLs (succes, reject, cancel, failure) empty, they will be transferred by Magento automatically
    • Check the box for Activate Delayed Response (Activeer Vertraagde Response)
    • Check the box for Activate Push Response (Activeer Push Rresponse)
    • Refunds are activated in Magento, so please uncheck the Activate Refund Push (Activeer Push van Refunds)
    • Point the URI success to your Magento website URL ending in /buckaroo/push/success, for example https://www.mywebsite.com/buckaroo/push/success (check that the URL exists)
    • Point the URI failure to your Magento website URL ending in /buckaroo/push/failure, for example https://www.mywebsite.com/buckaroo/push/failure (check that the URL exists)
    • Set the Use HTTP Method to POST
    • Set the Push type to BPE 3.0
    • Leave the other values empty like in the screenshot

    Go to Configuration > Manage Certificates BPE 3.0 (Beheer certificaten 3.0)

    Creating a BPE 3.0 certificate is easy. You can click Make Certificate and select Export key as: PEM and Purpose: SOAP Gateway. Check Active and click Make certificate.

    Buckaroo Plaza

    After creating the certificate, make a note of the Thumbprint. You will need it later for the Magento configuration. Also save the .PEM file to your computer. You need to upload this file to Magento in the next steps.

    Go to Configuration > Secret Key for Digital Signature 

    Do not use SOAP variant, just the regular.Make sure to enter a strong and unique key. Check both options to Activate Digital Signature.


    Configuration - Magento Commerce

    First configure the global payment services. Go to System > Configuration > Payment Services > Appmerce Buckaroo Settings

    Appmerce Buackroo Payment Services Settings

    Buckaroo Payment Services

    • Enter the Website Key. You will find it in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza via Profile > Websites > Website > Key.
    • Enter the Secret Key. You will find it in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza via Configuration > Secret Key for Digital Signature (not the SOAP version, the regular one)
    • Upload the Private Key. This is the .PEM file you can download in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza via Configuration > Manage Certificates (BPE 3.0)
    • Enter the Private Key Thumbprint. You find it after creating a certificate under Configuration > Manage Certificates (BPE 3.0)
    • You can try test mode and enable other options as you please

    Enable tha various Buckaroo Payment Methods

    You can enable the Buckaroo payment methods via System > Configuration > Payment Methods.

    Buckaroo Payment Methods

    • Enable any payment method that you like.
    • Set the desired order statuses. You can add your own statuses through System > Order Statuses.


    The following payment methods support refunds:

    • Bancontact Mister Cash (via Reversal)
    • Direct Debits
    • Giropay
    • iDEAL Collecting (but not Processing)
    • PayPal
    • Sofortbanking / Sofortüberweisung
    • Bank Transfer
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express

    How to refund:

    • Refund payments by going to Sales > Invoices (not Orders). Select an invoice you wish to refund. Click 'Credit Memo' and select 'Refund' (next to Refund Offline). This will attempt to refund the payment through Buckaroo.