Auto-Cancel and Re-Stock Orders Manual for Magento Commerce

This is the Auto-Cancel extension for Magento 1.x

Order the Extension

Go to System > Configuration > Appmerce > Auto-Cancel Orders

Now you can configure the settings.

  • Choose a auto-cancel order status. You can use ‘Canceled’ as default. You may also use another status. For example, create a status through System > Order Statuses (attach to state: canceled). Note: I recommend to create a status with code: auto_cancel and label: Auto-Cancel.  
  • Choose the timestamp to reference the cancel, e.g. the Order Creation Time or the Order Last Updated Time.  
  • Mappings: setup your mappings by choosing the active payment methods, their statuses and the period after which to cancel the order. 

Configure Cron Schedules

To make sure that cron tasks are run frequently enough, go to System > Configuration > System > Cron (Scheduled Tasks) and set 'Generate Schedules Every' to 5 (minutes).

Test Cron

You can use the free AOE Scheduler extension to test and inspect cron tasks being run.